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1.0 Background
In view of assisting and building capacity of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and
Industry, CIPE in collaboration with the chamber has come up with a program to support
three County Chamber Chapters which have shown high commitment and dedication in
exercising their mandates under the project “ Kenya: Building Capacity of the Chamber
to engage in Policy Reforms”.
CIPE will commit to working with these Chambers to improve their governance, financial
resources, and service to members through technical assistance and small grants.
The selection will be done after thorough and competitive evaluation the County
Chapters that apply out of which three will be selected to benefit from this program.
1.1 Application requirements

  • Cover letter; introducing the chamber & stating why they would like to participate in this program & why they think their chamber qualifies. What makes this chamber different from the others? We want to hear what is their competitive advantage and value proposition that they provide to their members and community. (It should a maximum of 2 pages)
  • Detailed profile of the county chamber including; basic information on organization, board member profiles, information on secretariat including CVs of staff, membership categories & no’s ,membership services offered, advocacy activities undertaken, achievements in the last one to two years.
  • Current income sources
  • Legal documents including; registration certificate, Governance documents; board charter, policy documents, audited accounts for the last two years, strategic plan, budget for the current fiscal year etc.
  • Brief on current ongoing chapter programs

1.1.1 Application procedure:
Counties Chapters are requested to submit their applications to and
copied to

1.1.2 Deadline 7th August 2017
N/B All the County Chamber Chapters have equal opportunity to apply.

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